Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tuesday 2nd June


Up at 6.40, shaved, cleaned up and went to breakfast. Cornflakes and egg and bacon. Read *** the *** on Cologne by 1500 planes. Then on parade. A bit of rifle drill and then un drill till break. had break and on gun drill again. Watched Waaf on range. Had dinner, mutton stew and prunes and custard. Got stuff ready for guards. Rang up Doris. Jill was still queer. The doctor had been several times. On parade. I put in a pro forma for sleeping out on Saturday. On 1 post, it is lovely and hot. Made two model houses for Lyn, then had a read and went to SHG for tea, It was herrings in tomato sauce, lettuce, water cress and jam. After tea, went back to post, saw Ranger and Osbourne as posting of 11 men to Grantham is in the wind. Had a read. J Moore and Godfrey came over to the post and left their respirators as they were going to *** ***. Had cheese and rice pudding for supper. Rang up Doris and went to post. Did the stand to 10.40 - 11.40. Went to BHQ and got in to bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Dr came to Jill 4 am, 8.30 and 6.30 but she's better. Finished by 2.45. Did my ironing. 3.30 got Lyn up and sat in the garden and sewed. Got tea ready and had it with them all as Lyn was playing very happily with Bridget. Washed up, cleared up and put Lyn to bed. Altered Ivy's blue frock with the red stitching. OK, another frock. Bill rang up dinner time and 8.30. Quite all right. He's on No. 1 Yatesbury. No letters today. Got a rotten headache, sitting in the sun I expect. To bed now 9.40 pm, might as well! So Good Night.

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