Sunday, 5 May 2019

Friday 7th August


5.30 had bed made, 6.30 temperature taken. Breakfast 7.30, had cornflakes, sausages but I did not eat my sausages and had one of my eggs boiled. Read book, had a bath and dressing done. Tidied up locker. It was raining hard. Had dinner, meat, greens, potatoes, jam pudding, custard. Attenwell went in for his op making six today. I studied Elements of Agriculture  in all its branches. Had tea, bread, butter, jam, two pieces of cake, then read again. Doris came on the pouring rain. She gave me a tomato that Mrs Smeaton sent. Lyn went with Ivy today. I hope she will be OK. Doris showed me two games of patience. She played several. I had supper, corned beef, beetroot and some jelly. I also ate some of tomatoes. It was nice to see her. She rang up *.O. and ** Harris told her to call in hut 5 and they would show her what  he wanted to get. Doris left about 5 past 8. It has stopped raining now. Had a game pf patience then read a little more. Leg ached a bit 'till 12.00.


Rodwell. An exceedingly miserable day. Lynette went to Barnet with Ivy at 9.45 am. She was ever so happy to go but it's HELL without her, it's so dreadfully lonely. All usual jobs. Finished about 2.45 then laid on the bed till 4, got tea and had a bit myself. Then got ready and about 5.15 set off for Bill. He seemed quite keen for me to go tonight which has made me very miserable. I wonder if it would be better not to go tomorrow but I do want to  see him. Left at 8.10 approx, back 8.50. Did the dining room and now to bed. Mrs S. is a perfect lady dog today, I do hate her. 9.24 pm so G. Night.

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