Sunday, 5 May 2019

Thursday 6th August


Had my bed made about 5.30, then got down to another nap. Then 6.15 had a wash and shave by the bowl near my bed. I had breakfast, porridge bacon, marmalade. I read my book and waited 'till the papers came. I read the paper and had my bath. Replaced my dressing, the sister came and put it on. Then I went on reading. I had dinner and it was corned meat, lettuce, beetroot, potatoes and fig pudding. After dinner I had a read and a short sleep. It is lovely outside and bright. Gosh, I wish I was home with Kidlet. I have been thinking about her cycling over yesterday without brakes. It has made me turn over several times since. I am glad she isn't riding it any more. One of the patients leaves tomorrow. His wife and child visited him today. A few more patients came in. Had tea, jam, lettuce. Read some more. Then Doris came. I was very pleased. We talked and she said Lyn goes back tomorrow with Ivy. I do hope she will be ok. I enjoyed every minute she was here. We played Stop and she brought me the book. I also bought 2 oz tobacco. Then Kidlet went and I finished my book. I was sorry when she went but it couldn't be helped as we have to be ** as **  **. I had my bed tidied up. Legs ached and a bit warm.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Car at 12 to Calne to fetch Ivy, talk, talk and ironed. Got Lyn up, had a scratched tea and cycled off to Bill. Got there 6.10 and stayed 'till 7.30. Talked and played Stop. Got back 8.30, walked around the garden and then took Kala down the fields, let her loose, supper and now to bed. Ivy has a camp bed in my room and we've got the giggles! Bill was perhaps a little bit better but certainly no worse. He was pleased to see me. I shall get my own bike tomorrow I hope. 11.10 so G. Night.

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