Thursday, 2 May 2019

Friday 31st July


Up at 6.45, made bed and went on parade. Went over to dining hall with Ron Ford for ten minutes. We swept table and floor then back to hut. I shaved and got cleaned up. Went to breakfast, had cold porridge, sausages and bacon, then I went back to hut after reading Charlie's paper. It is a glorious morning. 9 am on parade. Dismissed and went to clear up dining room. Sudler came and helped me. Packed up for break at 10.35. I went and sat on my bed till 10.55, then cleaned up the rec room. Packed up 11.50 and had a wash. 12 o'clock I got my ** and went over to dinner. Has cod fish, white sauce and potatoes, jam pudding and custard. Went to the bar and had a grapefruit and then a nap on the bed until half past one. I went over to the dining hall to clear up and waited while the main guard  goons had finished.Swept up rec room and went over to hut, looked at gen books and read Death's Eye. 4 o'clock had tea, brawn, lettuce, onion jam. Went and got dressed and cycled over to Rodwell. I met Doris and Lyn, and Doris was better. She has a few bumps and also had taken blood mixture. We went and saw the kid and Lyn gave it a bundle of greenstuff. We sat down and watched the kid in the shade and then walked back. It is a lovely evening. We cleared away. Mrs Seaton gave me a tomato. We put Lyn to bed and I read to her then we went down to the corn fields with the gun. We saw pigeons but they kept out of the way. We sat in the hedge and walked back about 8.45. I cleaned the gun and sat in the chair. Had supper and back to camp.


Up usual time and more or less usual jobs. Mrs Seaton in Calne most of the morning. Finished 2.30, Lyn asleep. Mended a frock, camis and petticoat, bath, got the tea and we had ours and went to meet Bill. Went down and fed the kid 6.20. She's getting much tamer. Cleaned up, washed up etc, put Lyn to bed & R.R.Hood, then went down to the wheat field with Bill & gun for a few minutes. Up to the top and now to bed 10.35 pm so G. Night.

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