Monday, 30 July 2012

Thursday 30th July


Up at 6.50 and went on parade then over to dining hall. Came back, washed and shaved, then had breakfast, a fresh herring and cornflakes, then went back to hut and cleaned up the rubbish on the floor. On parade and had to do duty runners job. Went into office and sat on the chair. I took a note over to Balsh, a letter in the box, and a telegram over to the exchange. I got a book for Mr Fish and 3/- for a postal order for PO Mastermon. 10.30 went to break and had a letter for Redlow and Atterwell. Delivered same, went back to D.O. and about 11.20 went central reg and to deliver the paper to Sq Ldr Fish. I got the postal order and put £6.0.0 in the book.Came back and delivered paper over to ***. Went to dinner, had meat, greens, potatoes, gooseberry pie. I had a sleep on the bed till 2 o'clock then went back to the defence office and read my gen book and then went to Yatesbury. I went to the hospital for two *** from the adj. and delivered a note to Flt Sg Mcrea and to the central draughting office, and delivered doc there, then to *** accounts. Then back to camp and then to tea. Had pilchard, lettuce and date cake. I changed and went to Rodwell. met Doris and Lyn. We got some greenstuff and gave to the kid. We sat down and had to shift because Doris got bitten by ants.We went and cleaned away and put Lyn to bed and I read to her. Came down and I read Ace High and had a rest. Doris had a rash. I biked back. Had wash 11.15 bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about 2.30, Lyn asleep so did all my ironing and got tea, then got Lyn up 4.20, had out tea and took Lyn to meet Bill. Picked some greenstuff and went down to the kid and sat there til six, washed up, cleared up etc, put Lyn to bed and read R. R. Hood. Sat in the chair, Bill read and I read B.G.S. Bill a lot better but he's got a bloodshot eye. Supper, salad, up to the top and now to bed 10.45. It's lovely to have Bill every evening again - Good Night.

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