Friday, 6 July 2012

Monday 6th July


Up at 7.20, shaved and packed up my things. Had breakfast, porridge, sausage then on parade. We did some sq bashing. Prichard was in bad humour and kept us at it. Then we had an hour bayonette drill, then break. I sat on my bed and rested. After break I had to see the 11 post men. Cleaned the guns and then I packed up for dinner. I got ready for 2A and went to dinner. It was meat pudding, cabbage, potatoes and date pudding and custard. Then rang Doris up. She had a bad cold, poor old Kidlet. Then I went back to hut and on parade up Two A and I started on my model Wellington. I got on by degrees. The ** came up then I carried on. Hartry ** Clark and Yates were up there with me. We had sardines for tea and then I carried on again and finished off the kite. She looked OK. I made a stand and shaped it ready. We had a cup of tea. It was very cold and **. We waited for O/O to come up. it was cold enough for an overcoat. Felt that I had done a ticklish job in getting the kite done.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Lyn's coat came plus short note from Mother, no news at all of Great Hallingbury. Finished by 2.25, went upstairs and knitted and snoozed til 3.15. Got Lyn up, she played nicely and I knitted upstairs til 4.40. Got tea and we had it, then Lyn played well in the garden while I washed up, cleared up etc. Put Lyn to bed then knitted and finished one of Harold's socks. had a bath. Bill rang up dinner time, he is up on the hill again today. I've got a rotten cold, and now to bed 9.45 pm so G. Night.

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