Monday, 23 July 2012

Thursday 23rd July


Up at 6.45 and dressed, made bed and went for a wash and shave. We had to parade at 7 because Hut Five had been late in the morning. Prickard just said 'you know what this is for' and then said 'get back to your huts'. He looked half asleep himself. I went to breakfast and had porridge and herrings, not bad. Went over to dining hall and started to clean up. Cleaned it up with the rest of the men, then went for break, had my parcel from Doris. They were biscuits, very nice. Cleared up Rec Room and went back to the hut. Had dinner, roast beef, potatoes, greens, rice pudding. Rang Doris up, she had heard from Mother and Frank was coming home and Dad was having his holiday sometime in August. Also they want to see us and they also wanted a cross and a ring made, so I will have to get busy. Well, I forgot to thank her for the biscuits. I went back to hut, lent the new LAC my *** and had to go out on parade. We had to clean the dining room out so we did that till 2 o'clock, finished and went back to hut and cut out a cross and started getting it into shape. Went to tea, had tinned meat, jam. Haggy gave me some butter to take over. I came back and went on with the cross, then I had a game of cards. Went to supper, had meat and potatoes, then played another game of cards. Rang Doris up, she had been to see the Tuck's goat. I thanked her for the biscuits and told her I was very pleased. I went back and finished off the game. Packed up 11/6 out so it was a stinger. I made my bed, had a wash and ate two of my biscuits. They were lovely. It was dull outside and not too hot or cold. I got down to sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. letter from Mrs L She expects Frank to be home about beginning or middle of August. Finished 2.30, Lyn asleep so did some washing, hung it out, then started to knit a jumper for Lyn for the winter. Got Lyn up at 4, got the tea. Mathesons and Mrs Thacher to tea, then took Lyn for a walk, saw Tuck's kid,  came back, had our tea alone. Put Lyn to bed, washed up, cleared up etc., then did my ironing and wrote to Bill. Bill rang up dinner time and this evening, alright. Bed now 10.30 pm so Good Night.

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