Monday, 16 July 2012

Thursday 16th July


1.30 came off guard and went to bed. Up again at 3.30 and on till 05.00. I felt tired. Came off and went to sleep. Arthur Fyn woke me up at 8. I went and had a wash and shave then breakfast. Had cornflakes and herring. I went back to guard hut and helped to clean up then made the stand for the plane. I painted it and got it finished. I went on 11.50 and came off 12.40 then had dinner, beef, greens, potatoes, apricots with custard. Then had a short nap. 1.30 dismissed and got ready to go out. I cycled over to Rodwell via Calne. I went to Heaths to get a post card for Doris then went on my way. I passed Mrs Smeaton in the car with Philip. I met Doris and we went to the post office. She bought me an ounce of tobacco and two boxes of matches. We walked back and sat on the grass, then I gave her the plane. She was very pleased with it. We went home and got tea ready. I did the onions and we had tea. After tea we put Lyn to bed and I read her a story. Then we washed up and discussed about my going to remuster to motor boats. I knew Doris would worry over it and I did not intend to let her worry. I tossed up with my2 threepenny bits. Heads I don't. It came up heads so that settled that. I had quite made up my mind not to  worry her about that but would try and get things done in another way. I had supper and then went back to camp and got in by quarter to eleven. I packed up and was in bed by ten past.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. No post at all. Finished by 2.15. Washed and dressed Lyn and myself and went and met Bill on the Calne road as he had been to Calne. Went to the shop and then back here. Sat by the road a few minutes and Bill gave me a Hurricane to match my Wellington. Got tea, had it, washed up, cleared up, put Lyn to bed plus 3 Pigs. Then sat in the chair together and read then Bill snoozed and I mended Lyn's nightdress. Bill isn't going to go in for motor boats - good I think. Up to the top with Bill. Packed up Harold's socks and now to bed 10.52 so G. Night.

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