Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tuesday 7th July


00.50 the O/O came and Harty came in for hos relief. he carried on with his model while I got down for a rest, but I was very restless somehow and at 05.15 was making some toast and cheese and a cup of tea. I felt better, then had a pipe of tobacco, then read a magazine and stuck the plane on its stand. It looks alright but I'm wondering how to get it over to Doris without breaking it. I feel very tired and could do with a good sleep. I watched Fred Dorling's horses coming out for their morning run. Had egg and bacon for breakfast. Swept up. It rained like the devil at times. We got guns clean and had dinner, beans on toast. Relief came and I got back and painted the model twice, then shaved. It was late starting. I cycled over and got down to Rodwell about 3.00, and Doris had been to meet me and was coming up the drive. I gave her the plane. She was very pleased with it. I played with Lyn out in the garden and then had tea. It rained very hard. We put Lyn to bed and read to Lyn. We went down and we read the BGS and I had a short nap. had supper and gave Kala her meat, then got back to camp. made bed and had a bath. In to bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished by 2.30. Had to put Lyn to bed as she was so tired. Went to meet Bill alone, he came 4.00 pm. he played in the garden with the children til tea time, then we washed up, cleared up, put Lyn to bed plus story, then together in the chair. Bill read BGS Year Books and snoozed and I knitted. Bill's made me the most perfect model aeroplane on a stand. It's lovely, he is a darling. Up to the top and now to bed, it's been a wet showery day. 11.00 pm so G. Night.

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