Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Friday 3rd July


Up at 7.15, went to breakfast, porridge, sausage and bacon, then got ready for parade. Told I was on 1 Post. Doug Bloomfield asked me to change for 2A. I agreed and it was OK. Had charge of party to clean guns. After Lewis ground gun drill, had dinner, meat pie, greens, potatoes and rhubarb and custard. Then rang up Doris and told her I was on 2A and I would see her about 3.45. She said she had a short note from Mum and Hilda. I saw Rolf and asked him about a sleeping out pass for Saturday and Sunday and he said he would do what he could. On parade and up 2A. Flt Prichard came up and had a cup of tea and toast and  he forgot to sign the log. We had egg for tea and the lads went down after water. I started on a model plane and the lads came back with potatoes and peas which we cooked and got ready for our supper. The orderly off. came and then we set about some grub. I went on with carving then had supper. The potatoes mashed and the peas.


Up usual time and all usual jobs. Short note plus Lyn's vest from Mother, and a short letter from Hilda. Put Lyn to bed after dinner, did some washing and some ironing. Got Philip up, then Lyn and they played together. Judy Whitehead came to stay the weekend. Lyn played with the others while I washed up, cleared up etc. Put Lyn to bed. Did my ironing, then knitted at Harold's socks. Bill rang up dinner time, he's on top of the hill again. Tired tonight so laid supper and now to bed 9.42 pm. Lyn's been a good girl today. I think she ought to be vaccinated, there's smallpox in Swindon. Good Night.

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