Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Saturday 25th July


Up at 6.45, dressed, made bed, swept up my bed space and washed and shaved, then went down to the Hillman and pained the rest of the letters on. Then went in to dining hall and cleaned up. Saw there was a parcel for me, my washing and a letter from Doris which I enjoyed very much and put my washing away. Went into M Centre, cleaned that up till dinner time, then went to dinner. Had cod, potatoes, rhubarb pudding, then went back to hut and polished the cross. Had a read. I told Doris I would ring her up tonight. I read a magazine, then went and had tea, meat, jam. Came back to hut and read some more of my book and went to supper and had meat and lettuce, cake and swiss roll. Went back to hut and played cards. Rang Doris up and she said she hoped to see me soon. I went and played cards again and lost 2/-. Packed up, made my bed, had a wash and ate two of the biscuits Doris made me, and got down to sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter from Bill, dear old boy. Finished about 2.30, Lyn asleep so finished my bootees and started a glove. Got Lyn up four and got tea for Mr S and Bill, then with Mrs S, Philip, Bridget and Lyn went down the fields for a picnic, quite nice, quite friendly. Washed up, cleared up etc, put Lyn to bed then finished one glove and started another. Bill rang up dinner time and this evening, he's quite all right. Only one more day then for some news and perhaps I shall see him. bed now, to read B.G.S. for awhile. 9.47 so G. Night.

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