Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Saturday 18th July


Up at 7 o'clock and went on the post. It was very cold and I froze through to the bone. I came off at 9, went to breakfast, had bacon and beans, cornflakes, then went and had a wash and shave. After then I fixed the goat in and read Mother's letter again. I went on again and watched airborne troops land. I was relieved at half past to go to dinner. I had it and it was fried fish and potatoes, pudding and custard, then packed my model and got ready to go out. I went on the post, came off half past one and cycled over to Hillmarton. I took Doris's chain. It came on to rain. I met Doris and Lyn. She was OK. I gave her the chain and she was pleased. I felt OK. Doris had a string of pearls and a pair of stockings and 9 shillings for the book club. She had several cards. I changed my trousers and put my flannels on, went downstairs and read the paper. Had tea, then went out to look at the mill Mr Smeaton had bought. I came in then Mum and Dad rang Doris up. They suggested that Lyn and Doris should go home for a while for a change but I don't think Doris is keen on that. We put Lyn to bed and I read to her and then we looked at the Year Books till supper time. After supper I got ready to go back. I had put clean things on. I cycled back and then got undressed and had a bath and smoke. Felt very tired. Got in bed and went off to sleep.


Rodwell. My Birthday. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Cards from Mum and dad, Ivy, Jean, Alma, H & R and Anne, Bill, stockings from Alma, pearls from M & Dad. Finished 2.30, dressed and took Lyn to meet Bill. Did so 2.50 pm. Sat upstairs in the chair and Bill slept til 4.30. Bill gave me a gold chain to put my 'kid' on - lovely. Tea, washed up etc, put Lyn to bed, then shared the chair and looked through the goat books. Mum and Dad rang up, lovely to hear them. Went up to change Bill's clothes and stayed there awhile; supper and up to the top and end of my birthday. Bed now 10.35 pm. G. Night.

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