Friday, 27 July 2012

Monday 27th July


Sausage and Cornflakes.  Monday morning, reporting sick. The MO asked me how I was. I told him the place still irritated and my head was queer. He told me to go over to the *** Theatre at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and also I have permission to leave camp. I went over to the Rec Room, helped to clean it, then went to dinner and had meat, greens, potatoes and bread pudding, custard. After dinner I went and rang Doris up. Told her I had to have an injection and that she would be seeing me. I promised not to come if I was too bad. After dinner I went over to MI room and cleaned up, then cycled over to Yatesbury and waited in the waiting room till I was called. I was on the table about half an hour. I had local anesthetic and then the injection of Pro*t**. I cam out, rode back to camp. My leg swelled a bit and I felt just a little dopey. I had tea and cycled over to Rodwell. I met Doris and Lyn. Lyn was ever so pleased to see me and made a great fuss of me. She rode home on my bike. When I got in they made me go to bed. I did so and showed Doris the cross and ring. Got back to camp and rang Doris up.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about 2.30, Lyn asleep. Letter from Mother - no news. Bill rang up dinner time that he was to have injections at Yatesbury Hospital at 3. He rang up at 5 that he was just coming. Lyn and I had our tea and went and met him. He looked pale and ill but said he was all right. Anyway I washed up etc alone and then put Lyn and Bill to bed. I went in too and stayed there awhile; Supper 9.15 and I think Bill was a little better for the rest. The eczema places were very swollen. Up to the top and now to bed 9.27 pm and so G.N. It was lovely to have Bill.

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