Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sunday 19th July


Up at 8.20, went to breakfast, had liver and bacon, then went back to hut. Had a wash and shave and then tidied up, cleaned my shoes and bored a hole through the kid I made for Doris. I then read the paper, had a lie down on the bed. I drew a soap coupon and for a change I'm not on guard. It is bright this morning but windy. I cleaned my rifle and bored a hole in the kid i made for Doris and wrote a letter to my Mother. I went to dinner and had stew and apricots. I bought a lemonade and a packet of envelopes. I rang Doris up, she wished I was with her and she had a sore throat. I had a nap on the bed till tea time and rice and apple and custard, jam. I also had a plate of apricots left over from dinner. I came back and had a game of darts and then tried to design a bomb rack, but packed up. Went to supper and had pilchards and some rice pudding. Came back to hut. Looked at some planes the other lads had made. Rang Doris up. She had been for a walk. I got a book to read and settled down on the bed, then got undressed and read till dark.


Rodwell. Up 8.25 am plus Lyn who dressed herself. Washed, beds, potatoes, then wrote to Mother and Dad all the morning. Others out, so had Philip. Put Lyn to bed after dinner, finished about 2.30 and went up and read til 3.45. Lyn didn't go to sleep so got her up, then she played in the garden with the others. Tea, washed up etc. Lyn came in in her birthday suit!! so put her to bed - it was time anyway. Read B.G.S. Year Books all the evening. Bill rang up dinner time and this evening - he's on stand by, quite all right. Bed now to read 9.37 pm so G. Night.

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