Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Friday 10th July


Up at 7 and got everything ready. I thought I might as well go on parade as mess about, so I had a good square bashing, then marched down to Yatesbury and back for pay parade. I drew £2-6-0 and went on parade.Found it was bayonette drill so dropped out as my leg was sore. Went over to rec room and helped to put down carpet. Had a game of darts with Charlie Woodford and beat him. Went to dinner, had roast beef, new potatoes, greens, rice pudding. The dinner was very nice for a change. I rang Doris up and thanked her for my parcel and letter. She was fed up with being alone and not seeing me. I went back to the hut, had a read and a sleep. Woke up at 2.20 and went and got a *** cut, then marked out a chunk steadily for Lyn. Wrote a letter to Doris and read a book. Had tea, tinned meat and lettuce, cake. Went back to hut, made bed and went to supper. Had sausage, potatoes, cheese, then went to guard hut and played darts. Lost three games. Rang up Doris. She had bad hay fever. I felt very sorry as I was not there to keep her company. I cut out the church steeple and then got some books out and got in to bed and read till lights out. Then got down to sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. No post. Did a bit of washing before dinner. Finished by 1.45! Sat upstairs and knitted and dozed, Lyn put herself to sleep on the cases in blankets and slept from 3 to 4. Got tea, we had ours, then took Lyn up to the shops. Washed up etc. Put Lyn up to bed, knitted all the evening. Bill rang up dinner time and again this evening, he's quite alright but no news. A wet dreary miserable day, got hay fever or else a very bad cold, fed up! To bed now 9.40 pm, so G. Night.

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