Saturday, 28 July 2012

Tuesday 28th July


Up 6.45 and went on parade, then over the dining room and back to hut. I put my Denim on and went to breakfast. Had liver and bacon, porridge. I went on muster parade, then dismissed and went to see Mr Godfret to see about his hedge. I started cutting the outside then went to ***. I started up from the top and almost finished the top by dinner. I was tired so I had dinner and it was meat, beans and pudding. I had a sleep on the bed and went to cut the other side. I swept up the pieces outside then got all down the other side and had a glass of lemonade. I cleaned up a bit and packed up by quarter to four. I saw Mr Godfrey. He gave me a half a crown for a drink so I thought I might as well  take it in aid of something. I had tea, tinned meat, lettuce and cake. I got dressed and cycled over to Rodwell. I did not see Doris so I went right down. She was upset because I did not ring up. I had a bun and cup of tea. I read to Lyn after she had been put to bed, then sat in the chair. Went and saw Goodwin's kid, fed it, came back, showed Doris how to play pontoon. She was very strained with me, not very friendly. I had supper and departed. Got back to camp 10.15 pm.


Rodwell. Up usual time, Mrs S went with the girls at 8.45 to get Pat and didn't come back til 1. Mr S took Philip and Lyn to Clevancy in the float most of the morning. Finished 2.30, wrote home and read in the bedroom with Lyn playing round til 4, then got tea, had it 5.30. Bill came. He didn't ring at all. A very miserable evening, I had been so frantically worried because he hadn't phoned that I could not love him tonight. He didn't care a scrap how I had worried - just a damn fool to do so! Went up and saw the kid and he taught me pontoon. Up to the top and now to bed very miserable. 10.10 pm G. Night.

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