Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wednesday 8th July


Up 7.10, shaved and got ready. Went sick and he gave me some calamine ointment. On parade and on tactics till 10.35 then lecture at 11.00. had dinner, drew my chocolate and the dinner was stew, greens, potatoes, stewed apple, custard. Rang Doris up, she was hoping I would be on guard. I went over to Yatesbury with blankets and brought clean ones back with O/O Vickery and ted Gyle, Pelows and Millway. had tea, sausage, sponge roll with jam and cream in. Went back to hut, had a read and a smoke. Watched card playing, moped about from on hut to another. Had a read and then went to supper. After I then rang Doris up. She was feeling blue. I went back to hut and made my bed and then got a few books to read. The other lads were making planes. I then got into bed and read two or three yarns in different books, and snuggled down and that was that.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs but got all my washing done before dinner. Put Lyn to bed, finished about 2.45 and sat upstairs and knitted.Got Lyn up at 4 and she played in the garden with the others til bed time. Bridget put her to bed and told her 3 pigs and 3 bears. I knitted hard all the evening. Bill rang up dinner time, he's on standby again at 7.45, he's just off to bed. He'd been to the M.O. about his seat and got some ointment for it. No post today. To bed now as I feel weary. 9.47 pm, so Good Night.

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