Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Friday 24th July


Up 6.45 and on the parade for 7. We were dismissed 5 past seven. I made my bed and shaved then got my stuff cleaned up.Another dull morning. I wish I was at home with Kidlet and Lyn. Went to breakfast, had liver and bacon, cornflakes. Went back to hut, then to dining hall to clear up then got ready for pay parade. Drew £2.6.0 and went on cleaning out the rec room, then went over to the hut about 11.45. Wrote a letter to Doris. I thought she would be glad of a letter. I posted it with ***. Had dinner, beef, peas, potatoes, jam roll and custard. I painted the *** on the Hillman and left the front plate for next day. Packed up and went to tea and had herring and cake, then I went back to hut. Started on the cross and got on very well. Played cards, pontoon, won 4/9, so I was not too bad. Went to ring up Doris, hoping the phone would be in order as I could not get through at half past twelve. I waited a long while and eventually got through. She had been worrying herself over me. She was sending my washing and Lyn was also sending me something. I rang off and went on with my cross. Finished it and bored a hole in it so all it wants is polishing. We talked about subjects.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs - no letters at all. Finished 2.30, Mrs S out, so had Philip and Lyn all the afternnon in the garden til 4.15. Got tea, Molly *** came, took Lyn up to the shop, then we pickjed some stuff and fed Tuck's kid, Lyn did. Tea, put Lyn to bed, washed up, cleared up etc, then knitted *** a bit bootees for the Grainger baby in return for the kid skin. Bill only rang up this evening 9.35 pm. I've got a bad head wondering if he was all right. he is! bed now 10.20 pm so G. Night.

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