Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wednesday 15th July


Up at 7.10, had a good sleep and felt very much better for it. We had to go on manoeuvres and in battle order. It was very hot and we were to drive the enemy out of the wood near Compton Basset. We had two goes. It was very hot and the sweat rolled off me. Prichard had to pick on me and told me to get fit. I argued and he said I always have something to say. We got back about 5 to twelve and dismissed. I got ready for guard and then went to dinner, having beef, greens and potatoes, trifle. I rang Doris up and her leg was better. I told her there was a notice asking for coxswains. I told her I hadn't thought about it but she said do what you think best. I went on guard and had first shift. I wanted third. I finished off the Hurricane I was doing for Doris. I came off 4.30 and then went to tea. I had tinned meat, jam. I went to hut and made a stand but it spoilt. I rang Doris up. She had a sore throat. We had stew for supper. I had two cups of cocoa. Felt a bit queer, laid down on bed and went on 11.30. It was cold and wet. It was also dark. I felt fed up with it all.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Got my washing done this morning. Put Lyn to bed, finished about 2.30, hung my washing out then laid on the bed and read and dozed until 4.15. Got Lyn up, she played in the garden while I got tea. Strawberries and cream for tea! Washed up etc, Lyn found another caterpillar. Put Lyn to bed. Did my ironing and all Mrs S's children's, then wrote to Mother and Dad and ***. Bill rang up dinner time and tonight. He's on 11. There's remusters for coxswains for motor boats, I don't know if he will go! Bed now 9.50 pm so G. Night.

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