Monday, 9 July 2012

Thursday 9th July


Up at 7, shaved, washed and got ready for parade. Had breakfast, porridge and liver and bacon and then went on parade. Had steel helmets on and capes,and marched up to the range. Before I went, Prichard asked me if I wanted to go. I was surprised, then WO Vickers said I was on 4 days light duty.I thought I would stick it, and I fired off my lot with the M G. and cleaned one gun. Prichard as usual grinding away. We marched back and we cleaned our guns and I went to dinner. Had meat pudding and greens, date pudding and custard. Rang Doris up, she was feeling blue, also that the ground would be retained three years after the war, so that's that. On parade and I had to clean the rec room out and its windows. Had tea, pies and a little jam. The lads made a fuss about having it three times in a week. I had to take a flex over to signals cabin at Yatesbury. Made bed, went to supper, corned meat, lettuce, onion, roast potatoes, cocoa, very nice. I read a book and then rang Doris up. She was writing home. I got some books and went to bed.


Roodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter from home, Woodview's finished as we couldn't have the land til 3 years after the war! Finished 2.30, messed away the afternoon. All out to tea except Mr S. Got Lyn up 4 and she played in the garden. Took her and Kala to G. B. Rost ** and back. Washed up etc, put Lyn to bed, wrote home. Bill rang up dinner time, on 4 days light duties with his seat. Oh dear. He rang up again this evening. Washed my hair and now to bed 10.30. G. Night.

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