Sunday, 22 July 2012

Wednesday 22nd July


(Had a letter from Doris.) Up at 7.15 and cleaned up then emptied fire buckets and WO Vickery told me to supervise the cleaning of the drying room. I was nearly finished when he asked me to go and relieve Cpl Rogers on machine gun guard. I did so and had a nice rest on the bed. I packed up 11.50 and went back to hut to get my ** to go to dinner. it was cold roast beef, onions, lettuce and potatoes, rhubarb pudding and custard. I went and rang up Doris. She had heard from Mum and from Hilda. Also that Hilda had sent her 7/6. I got a bar of chocolate and went back to the hut. I read my book, helped the new LAC to get his box over and went on reading. WO Vickery asked me to take over the guard for Cpl Hill. I did so and finished my story, the Ace of Death and just thought about it all and how I hated everything about the forces, what an existence. About 4 o'clock Cpl Hill came to take over his guard again so I cleared off back to tea. It was beans on toast, cake. I went back to hut and read my book. Ron Ford came back off leave so I chatted to him and then we went over the canteen for a drink. He had a shandy and I a ginger beer. At 9 I went and rang Doris up then back to hut. I played Main for his bar of chocolate but lost so gave him *** and took the bar. I watched the card players. I t was raining hard. Bill Gradwell came back off leave. he said it rained all the time. 10.35 I got to bed and Fred Duffy came back off a 48. he gave me 2 biscuits and I went to sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. 3 letters from Bill, Home and Ginger. Nothing special, Ivy not very well. Finished about 2.15, took Lyn upstairs and she played very well while I wrote to Mother and to Ginger. Went down 4.30, got tea and we eventually had it. Mrs S told Lyn off for getting down from the table so I took Lyn up to bed and had a good howl too! I stayed up there ;til 7.00 then went down, washed up, cleared up etc. til Bill rang at 9.05. he rang dinner time but nothing special. Bath and now to bed 9.57 pm. G. Night.

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