Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sunday 5th July


Up at 8.50, shaved and had breakfast. Washed up, did the potatoes and went down the fields with Doris and Lyn. We sat down then had a walk through the wood. Came back to dinner, washed up and had a read on the bed, then got up to tea. I took Lyn up the garden, put fresh soil round the cucumbers and tomatoes. Lyn helped then had tea. After tea I played with the children, hide and seek, then put Lyn to bed. Read her a story and got my things ready. Gave Doris Lyn's 7 shillings and Mrs Smeaton gave me a tin for my soap. I wrote a short letter to Mum and dad and suggested hay making but Mr Smeaton did not think it worth while. I got a book to read and am going to wind wool for Doris. She wound it herself. I read on and then had supper and cycled back through Lady Benson Park which was very much nearer.


Rodwell. Up 9.00 am - lovely lie in, all up together. Bill dressed Lyn. Washed up, potatoes, beds between us then went round the fields til dinner time. Washed up then went to bed and put Lyn to bed. Lyn slept. We read and stayed there  awhile; all got up about 4.30. Bill dressed Lyn. Got tea and had it. Washed up. Bill played outside with the children while I cleared up and knitted. Put Lyn to bed plus story. Sat in the chair together, both wrote to Mother, did our draws then read and knitted. Rather a nice day. Up to the top with Bill and now 10.57 pm. G. Night.

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