Friday, 13 July 2012

Monday 13th July


7 am, woke up, the horrible feeling of another day that is loathsome ** me and the same old thing. I went to breakfast, had sausage but my appetite was off. I was walking over to the huts when Prichard bawled out 'here you skate'. I went over, he was furious because I had one up on him and he threatened me with ** of the first posting. I would have liked to have shoved those words down his throat, the depraved villain. We had first parade, not too bad and a boat parade.I drew a pair and we marched back. I am to go on 11 post. We went down to the *** pit, I drew the guns and we had taking post, then went to dinner. I had dinner, meat pudding, new potatoes, greens and pudding, custard. I rang Doris up, she was pleased with my letter. She was very cheery. I went and got ready for guard, then on parade and tossed for shifts. I am on third 19.30 - 22.30. I got some persepx and marked out a plane and then finished off Lyn's church. After then I read my book, went to tea and had ham and jam, then I went back to hit and continued reading. I went to supper, had beef, lettuce, onion, new potatoes and then I went to ring Doris up but could not get through. It was most disappointing. I know she will wonder when I am going to ring up. 7.20 I went on the post and relieved Haggerty. Carved out my plane, worked very hard. Came off 10.30, went to sleep.


Rodwell.  Up usual time and all usual jobs, got my washing done this morning. Finished about 2.30. Lyn slept til 3.15. I let her winter coat down and darned Bill's socks upstairs til 4.15. Got tea and messed about cuddling Lyn as she was upset because she had to give in to P as usual. Washed up etc. Put Lyn to bed, did all my ironing then darned Bill's socks. Bill rang up at dinner time, he's on in the camp. He didn't ring tonight, I wonder why. I miss him badly today. Had a bath, now to bed to read, 9.35 pm. G. N.

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