Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Saturday 11th July


Up at 7.10 and got cleaned up and ready for parade. It was a bright shining morning and I wished I was at home. We went on parade in battle order then went to stations. Prichard finding as usual nothing right, then bright at last, stood down and went for break. The rest went on fatigues. I went into rec room and swept *** out then packed up for dinner. Had beef, greens, new potatoes, pruned and custard. Then went and rang Doris up.She still had her hay fever but well otherwise. She said she had something for me. I went back to hut and got a book to read. Made bed, and I was peacefully reading when Prichard came in calling on parade. The rest went up the playing fields. I went in the dining hall for quarter of an hour, then I started on Lyn's church, painted it and then went to tea. Had tinned meat, lettuce, jam and a piece of cake. After tea I got the church painted on one side and had supper. Tinned herrings and cheese. I went to ring up Doris. Her hay fever was bad. I wished we could have been together. I carried on with the model, then got ready for bed. Had a bath and read a book.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter from Mother, Hilda not very well, goes to Cambridge Monday. Lyn went out with Mrs S and kids all the afternoon for a walk! Good too, I knitted and snoozed. Tea, put Lyn to bed, then washed up etc. Knitted all the evening and finished Harold's socks.Cheers! Bill rang up dinner time and this evening, he's quite alright, no news, goes to the M.O. tomorrow again. I wonder what will happen! Still got my hay fever badly. To bed now to read; 9.55 pm so Good Night,

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