Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Saturday 4th July


12 am still eating, then packed up at 1.05. Had a sleep and woke up at 3.00. Put large lump of coal on the fire and woke Rowland up. I got up and made tea and shaved, cleaned up all round and was busy modelling when Flt Sg came by. he wanted to know why he wasn't challenged and went down below. Tanner told him we never have anybody on the gate during the day. Presently the phone rang and the St. WO asked for me. He said the Flt Sg had created about no man on the post and that I was in shirt sleeves. I did not argue as he said he had put me on a charge but was squashing it this time. He must have thought Tanner was in charge. Op Gradwell rang up and told me I had got my sleeping out pass. I was bucked and glad to be going. We had toast for lunch and our relief came, LAC Ford, and I got dressed and cycled to over to Rodwell over the fields. I met Doris. We went up the village, she bought me 2 oz of tobacco and we had tea. Then I read and had a short nap, then went to bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about 2.15, Lyn and I had a good wash, dressed, then I took Lyn in the pram to meet Bill, did so 3.45 pm. Got tea, then we went up the village. it was drizzly though. had tea on our own, washed up, cleared up while Bill put Lyn to bed plus story. What a surprise Bill's got a sleeping out pass til tomorrow night - lovely! Knitted all the evening, Bill read and snoozed, together in the chair. Supper, talked and now to bed 10.45pm. How perfect to have Bill and so entirely unexpected too - heaven. G. Night.

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