Monday, 2 July 2012

Thursday 2nd July


Awakened by a Red then up at three, made some toast and cheese, tea. Had a smoke, fetched two bags of coal from the bottom, read book. Got to bed at 5.10. had a read and a sleep. Had breakfast about 8.40, egg on fried bread, corned beef. Yarned and then cleaned guns. Others fetched water then I had a wash and shave. Read my book, cleaned rifle. It is very hot but a nice breeze. Had dinner, sardines on toast, jam, then got ready to go down. We were relieved and I got dressed and went to Rodwell. I met Doris and Lyn with horse. Lyn sat on it and I pulled it all the way back. I changed into white shirt and flannels and felt very cool. had tea and read Mother's letter. She did not hear from us for her birthday so I made a note of it. Doris sewed my epaulettes on my jacket. I went hay making on the stack from 7 till 9, then watered greenhouse. had another change, then supper and got ready to go back. I arrived back at camp, made bed and put things ready.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. The sweep came. Finished about 2.15, washed and dressed Lyn and myself and took her and her horse to meet Bill - did so 3.30. Also saw Vickery the Warrant Officer. We sat and talked all the afternoon, Bill changed into open white shirt and gray trousers. helped me wash up etc, and put Lyn to bed plus Nursery Rhymes, then Bill went hay making. I sewed RAF Regiment on his tunic, then knitted Harold's socks. In at 9, went up the greenhouse together, supper alone together then up to the top. I do love him so much. Bed now 10.42, so Good Night.

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