Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Friday 17th July


Up at 7.15 and washed and shaved. Had breakfast which was egg on fried bread, porridge. I got ready for parade and did some rifle drill. Strange to say, not a word said. We went on grenade throwing and had a penny each towards the nearest. Bert Turner won. We had a break till 10 to 11 then went down the field for bayonette fighting but we who were on 11 post came back to clean the guns. Packed up at twelve. I got my stuff ready for guard and went to dinner. Had beef, greens, potatoes and sultana pudding, custard. I went to ring Doris up but could not get through so went back to hut. I had got a letter from Mum. The goat had kidded one Billy. Mick had got run over and Betty had been put to sleep. Poor old Mum was upset. She was pleased with the photo. They had a salmon trout. Norah was  with Henry Cheshire. I rang up Doris. She was OK. I had posted a card to her. On guard, tossed for shifts and going on third 7.30. I had a rest on the bed. Godfrey wants me to do a shift for him tomorrow if he does mine tonight, so I will do so. I went to tea and had onions, tinned meat, jam, then tried to saw a piece of wood and filed it all round, then went to supper. had ham and potatoes, then went on the post. I finished off the block and read for a while. I came off at 11 pm and had a cup of cocoa and got ready to get to bed. I felt OK not having to worry about getting up. I rang Doris up in the evening.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter  from Mother but no 'place' news. Finished by 2.15 so went and read on the bed. Lyn slept til 4, got herself up then we sat in the rocking chair together til I got the tea. Mary M. here for the weekend. Lyn very keen on her and played well before and after tea. Washed up etc, put Lyn to bed then wrote to Mrs L J. home and Book Club, then read. Bill rang up dinner time and after tea. On 11 post so here tomorrow, cheers! Mrs L's Micky ** and Betty put to sleep, offered her Kala and a kitten. Bath and now bed 9.52 pm so G. Night.

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