Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wednesday 29th July


Up at 6.45, dressed and went on parade and then went over to dining room. Cleaned up and came back to the hut, shaved and washed, went to breakfast and had porridge and egg and bacon. Came back then on parade. Dismissed by Prickard to go to armoury. I cleaned Sten gun, Lewis and went to break. 11 am I went back again and filled clips then went to dinner. Had stew and rice pudding which was burnt. I had a lemonade and rang Doris up. I thought I might just as well as leave it. I promised to be over there about 5.45 and that mother was going to supply me with tobacco. I went back to the hut, had a sleep then went into the armoury and clipped up a thousand rounds. Had 5 shots at the target. Finished about 3 so I went and had a wash and a clean up then made my bed and went to tea. Had brawn and lettuce which were tough outside leaves and a little jam of the tasteless kind. I cycled over to Rodwell and met Doris so we walked along the road to Highways and sat on the bank. Lyn gathered some greenstuff in the field. We went back, put Lyn to bed and I read to her about Red Riding Hood that grandma sent her. We looked at Farmers Weekly and Smallholder then went to see the kid, then the garden, then supper. I biked back about 10.30.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Mrs S went at 1 to fetch Jim so supervised dinner and washed up, finished 2.30. Lyn played with the others all the afternoon. Did a good packet of washing, hung it out, it was then 4, got tea, Lyn and I had ours then went and met Bill, sat up by Highway til nearly six. Put Lyn to bed plus Red Riding Hood, washed up, cleared up etc., then sat in the chair and read, then went upstairs awhile; went and fed the kid then a few minutes rest after going up the garden. Supper, up to the top - good pals again and now bed 10.27 pm so G. Night. 5/- book of stamps from **.

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