Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sunday 26th July


Up at 8 and went to breakfast. Helped to carry the coffee churn in, then had my breakfast, porridge which tasted of bitter almonds, and beans and bacon. I went and had a shave and a bath. Changed my clothes and sewed buttons on my trousers and jacket, also my epaulets that I tore. Went over to dining room and swept it out, also rec room. I went to dinner, had cold meat, potatoes and fruit tart and custard, then came back to hut, started on ring, then I rang Doris up. She had written to Mum, also that Mrs Smeaton wanted to take Lyn to Church. I had a game of nap and pontoon. Won about 1- 2 then went on with my ring. Had tea and it was meat roll and cake. I cam back and polished the ring and ** it. I had a game of pontoon. Lost 5 1/2 and went to supper. Had meat roll and cheese and onion, very nice. I took Ron Frood his piece of perspex and marked out the cross for him, also showed him my ring and had some of his tobacco and a piece of cake.Blacked my leggings and Bill Hill and Bill Gradwell's. Watched the lads playing cards and rang Doris up. I came back, listened to the news, got a book and went to bed, feeling fed up.


Rodwell. Up 8.30 am. Lyn dressed herself very well. Washed up, did potatoes and beds then sat in the rocking chair all the morning and wrote home and talked to Mrs S. Washed up after dinner and dressed Lyn and she went off to Church with Mrs S, Bridget and Philip. Mrs S said she was very, very good and Lyn was thrilled. Got tea, we had it, washed up, cleared up etc, then put Lyn to bed, then finished the gloves. Mrs S made cards and I pressed them and the bootees and am sewing up ** with them. Finished mending Lyn's nightie. Bill rang up dinner time and tonight. He's quite all right. bed now, tired, 9.55 pm so G. Night.

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