Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tuesday 21st July


Up at 7.20, washed and shaved and cleaned up my stuff, swept four bed spaces and went to breakfast. Had cornflakes, bacon and beans. I went to hut and back to dining hall to clean up. I cleaned up Dining room with Charlie Woodfield and Malcom. Ten O'clock I went to relieve Cpl Reid on machine gun guard till 1.30. I had dinner, beef, beans, potatoes, date pudding and custard, then marched the guard back and dismissed them. I thought perhaps I should have got a break but Cp Hill came in and said Prichard had said I was to polish the MI room, so I went over and Dot was there. He said it wasn't his doing and he had done it all bar one room so I did that and a little reading for the rest of the afternoon. I rang Doris up, she was alone all  day. I came back to the hut at four and had a wash and a sleep and then to tea which was brawn and jam. I came back and had a read. I went into hut 5 and watched them playing draughts. Rang Doris up. She had a surprise for me and I guessed what it was. I had been waiting for those biscuits. I went in to canteen, had a lemon and a piece of cake then made my bed, did some drawing on my bomb rack, then got a book and into bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time. Mr and Mrs and P. went off to Newbury when the girls went to school. A nice day, did the dinner and made some biscuits for Bill this morning. Read to Lyn after dinner then put her to bed til four. She was ever so good alone with me. Sir C. gave her barley sugar. Tea, washed up etc, put Lyn to bed. Waited for Bill to ring up, he rang dinner time too - he's all right but fed up. I took Kala in the fields and let her loose. She was very good. Bed now 10.35, G. N.

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