Saturday, 4 May 2019

Tuesday 4th August


Awake at 3 am till about 5. My place irritated a bit, then half past six the sister came and made beds. I went and washed, shaved at 6.40 and got back into bed. Had a nap then breakfast, cereals, bacon and marmalade. I tidied up my locker and put things away on my shelf. My bed was made again and ready for the inspection. The inspection over, I had a bath. L.A.C. Attenwell  came in to have an operation so we are well represented. I bought a Daily Telegraph, read that and had dinner, boiled beef, greens, potatoes and date pudding and custard.. After dinner i had a talk on guns with the Sergeant of air bourne troops. Then Attenwell sat on my bed till he went to have a bath. Read in the afternoon and had one eye on the corridor in case Doris should appear. Had tea, bread butter jam and a hot cake and a real nice cup of tea. After tea, more reading and still one eye on the corridor. Had my place shaved and the stuff cleaned off and then bandage on. Read the story Death Greets a Guest. I wrote a short note to Doris and had supper, mixed mash of cheese and potatoes, coffee. I read till it was dark then tried to get to sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about 2.30. Lyn asleep so as Bill again did not ring up so watched for him to come 'till 3.45 then rang the B.F.S. He went to hospital yesterday. Rang Yatesbury Hospital but only told he was feeling all right with a lump on his leg! Unless I hear anything contrary from Bill tomorrow I shall go over tomorrow and see him. Took Lyn to the shop, got tobacco and sweets. Came back via Whitcombe for a walk. Washed Bill's clothes and now to bed, very restless 9.05 pm so G. Night.

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