Friday, 3 May 2019

Monday 3rd August


Up at 6.50, went over to dining hall with Ron Ford.  Came back, washed, shaved. My groin wasn't paining me quite so much. I went to breakfast but without appetite.. It was porridge and sausages but I could  barely stuff those down. I went to MI centre and the MO examined me. He told me to get my  pack and I should go over the hospital with him. Also with Yates and Doug Bloomfield and got our blue kit. I had to go to bed and have a bath and dressing put on. I had dinner, stew meat, peas, potatoes, currant pudding, custard. I read the papers. I wrote a letter to Doris and Mother and then the library came round. I chose two books and they gave me two others. I read, had tea, fish paste, biscuits, then did more reading, The Man in the Dark. Had supper, salmon and lettuce then read again plus Feels paper, Had supper, been a lot later I might have eaten more. I had my pipe going. Listened to the radio. Saw some of the lads knocking down the wall. What a day for August Bank Holiday. I hope next years will be with Kidlet and Lyn in our own little home. I hope it wont be long before I am out again I came in all told. I settled down to sleep and the breeze was cooling.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about 2.30, Lyn asleep, did a big packet of washing, hung it out. Messed about a bit, got Lyn up 4, got tea and 5 we had ours, then went to meet Bill - who didn't come, and then went to see the kid and fed her. Washed up etc, then put Lyn to bed. . I feel very  worried about Bill today as I haven't  heard anything from him at all  and he was going to the M.O. this morning. I read this evening but was listening the whole time for him to ring.  I  do feel worried about him and hope he is all right. Fed Bill Cook's rabbits  as he's  away til Thursday and now to dded - still listening 9.32. G. Night

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