Monday, 6 May 2019

Saturday 8th August


Awake at 5, had my bed made then temperature. Had a wash, shave and breakfast, cornflakes, beans in tomato sauce, marmalade. Read magazine, had a bath then dressing done. Read paper from cover to cover. Matron cane round. It has been raining all the morning. I hope it will keep fine for Kidlet. I wonder how Lyn is today. 12.10 dinner, cold bacon, beetroot, tomato, onion, lettuce, potato, sultana pudding, custard. Not a bad dinner. ** the orderly came back and had gone on embarkation leave. I read again after dinner then the nurse and orderly came round doing the op patients. I listened to the banter. ** Grant came round. He asked me if it was easier, I said very much so. We had tea, fish paste and I had an egg boiled that Doris brought me, and cake. I continued to read Grey Wolf. I had a rest then Doris came. She brought me a jig saw puzzle and some butter. It was nice to see her again. Lyn went away quite cheerful and Dad rang up last night. Doris got the bike, she was tired, also my wallet. She had to leave at half past seven. I had meat pie for supper and cocoa. I played patience, beaten by two cards. I packed up to go to bed or at least I was in bed. Had a bar of chocolate that I bought today.


Up usual  time and all usual jobs, but oh I do miss Lynette. Finished about 2, got the tea then laid on the bed 'till 2.40. Got ready.Went to the top of the drive, went to the Flying School with Channings, got my bike, lamps, pump, wallet and cakes from Bill's locker. Got back 4.45, cut breads, gobbled some tea, and set off to see Bill at 5.30. Got there about 6.15 but the Sister turned me out at 7, it did seem a short time with him. I do hope she won't stop me going in the evenings.I walked most of the way home, got back 8.30, and all the washing up etc to do, no help at all. Bed now, very tired, lonely miserable. 99.30 so G. Night.

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