Saturday, 4 May 2019

Wednesday 5th August


1.30 to 3.15 I was still awake, dreaming and half asleep later.Woke up with a bad head. Orderly Woof took my temperature. I tried to sleep again. Got up about 6.50 to wash and shave. Had breakfast cereals, tea, pepper marmalade. Put my things away and then finished my book. Had a bit of a head ache and then had a bath and my dressing. Had dinner and had meat, stewed cabbage, potatoes, two helpings of stewed fruit and rice. Read paper after dinner. I had a sleep after orderly told me Doris was coming. I was very pleased when Doris woke me up. She  came on Mr Smeaton's bike. I was very pleased to see her and she gave me one two-ounce of tobacco and two tomatoes that Mr Smeaton sent and some eggs, and chocolate. It was good to jaw again and she left at four o'clock. I was sorry she had to go so soon. I gave her the key to my box and cycle so she could get the bike. I had tomatoes for tea, jam, paste. Had a yarn with one of the fellows then read some more. Gave a chap a piece of my chocolate, had a piece myself then tried a pipe of tobacco.Had some lemonade and piece of cake. 8.30 had my supper, liver, bacon, tomato. I read and smoked and then got down to sleep.


Rodwell. Up 6.30 as I couldn't sleep but had an awful dream about Bill. Took Kala loose over the fields. All usual jobs. Rang the hospital 11.45, had a rushed dinner alone, set off 1.25 and got there 2.30. Bill was pleased to see me. He will be there at least a week and they might have to cut it if it doesn't go down. Sister was very nice, I can go anytime. Letter from Bill too today. Back at 5.10, tea was ready! Cleared up, washed up etc. .Put Lyn to bed. She  was very good while I was out. Phoned Ivy and she is coming tomorrow morning to take Lyn back and I shall miss her but I must see Bill. Thoroughly tired out and miserable. Now 9.50 pm. G. Night.

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