Friday, 3 May 2019

Sunday 2nd August


Woke up early. It was raining. I got up and closed the window as I could feel the rain coming in. I got up at 8.30, went to breakfast. I had cornflakes, fried eggs on fried bread. I had a wash, shave and a hair cut and then helped to clean up dining hall. Came back to hut and sat on my bed writing up this diary. It is still raining hard, what a change. I hope it wont knock Mr Smeaton's corn down. What a height it is, some of its 6-8 at the least. I read two newspapers through then went to dinner. Meat, greens and potatoes, bread pudding, custard. I went and had a lie down on the bed then I got dressed and went out taking my side bag with washing. I could not ride as it was too painful. I walked along the track and in some places it was very rough going with cow parsnips as high as myself. I struck the round that leads to highway, then walked down the drive. Doris came out. She had been as far as Compton Basset and back again. We went upstairs to get Lyn up and then we had tea. After tea we went down to the kid.Gave it some green stuff and walked back again. Put Lyn to bed, read her the Three Little Pigs and said goodnight. I read with Doris the Elements of Agriculture and looked it through. After then we had supper early. 19.20 I walked back. Doris walked as far as the road and track. I took a shortcut over the meadows and back by 10.25.


Rodwell. Up 8.30, Lyn dressed herself. Washed up,did potatoes then wrote home more or less all morning, and read Farming! All helped so finished by 2.30. Lyn asleep so walked up to meet Bill, didn't come, came back and he came, he walked as his seat was too swollen and sore to cycle. It looked rotten and hot and red. Messed about till tea time, cleared up etc, then took Lyn to see the kid and fed it. Put Lyn to bed and 3 Pigs, then sat in the chair together all the evening and read farming. We would like Todd's Farm, Saxted. I got supper done, and then walked part of the way up the Highway with Bill, now to bed 10.10 pm so G. Night.

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