Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Saturday 23rd May


Up about 7 am and cooked breakfast and made tea. Sausages for breakfast and jam. I washed and shaved and called the others up. At 9.25 watched the *** galloping in the downs. Visited by Orderly Fl Sg. All correct. Cleaned out gun posts and guns. Got everything in order. Sent Turner and Gardiner down for water. Cooked dinner, steak and onions. Washed up and made a cup of tea, then waited for relief. It was late and had to pick up RT and men. Got back and dressed. It started to rain so put overcoat and cape in bag. I had to stop on way to Rodwell to put on my cape. It rained in torrents. Doris had been to meet me. I was late. She had a cold. We had tea and went up to the village. Doris bought me some tobacco. it rained, then we put Lyn to bed. I had a game with her. Read a story to her, then we read *** and the B.G.S. year book. I had a nap and then supper. It was raining hard. Doris felt queer so she did not come out. I  ran into a squall and got a lot wet. Had a bath and put trousers in guard room.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs but feeling very scruffy. Mrs S out and took things easy. Finished about 2.30. Walked up to meet Bill but very wet so came and read Year Books til he came at 3.30. Talk, got Lyn up at 4, got tea and we had ours and then although raining went up to the village. It was a nice walk in spite of the rain. Read *** together, Bill snoozed, then looked at goat photos in the Year Book. Didn't go up to the top as didn't feel well enough. It was  raining like the devil so Bill must have had a dreadful ride. Now 10.30 and to bed, watched Bill go from the bedroom window. G. Night.

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