Monday, 7 May 2012

Thursday 7th May


Up 6.40, it is a lovely day. I swept out the room and then shaved and cleaned up. For breakfast had bacon, tomatoes and porridge. Went out to work and did some more layout work. Went to canteen break time and bought an ounce of tobacco 2s 2 1/2d. Bullwork a bit strong so perhaps it will last longer. Had dinner, it was stew, beans and rice pudding. I had two helpings of rice. Came back to hut and sat on the bed, had a sleep then went to work. Went to look at post and in to guard room had a chat with Arthur, then finished off a drawing and had tea. It was spam, jam, corned beef. Dressed and cycled over to Rodwell. Doris was disappointed because she had dressed Lyn up and wanted to meet me with her. I had tea there and then put Lyn to bed, Mr and Mrs Smeaton went to a play. I watered the tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces. They are looking better. had a talk on kids and farming. I got milk for supper. It was very creamy. I felt sick, so did Doris. I had a tablet and gave Doris some magnesia. I shut the chickens and ducks up and got ready to go back. It was getting late. I got back about 11.20.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about 2.45, wrote to D. Neal's, then got Lyn up about 3.15 and she played in the garden while I read goat books. About 4.30 got tea and we had ours, got all ready to go out but Bill arrived 5.15!!! Sat outside, I read while Bill had tea with them, then we cleared up etc. Put Lyn to bed then Mr and Mrs went to a play at C. Bassett camp. Bill stayed awhile in the bathroom and bedroom; then shut chicks up, watered the greenhouse. Had milk and cheese and biscuits in the armchair then talked together til 10.15. Up to the top, Mr and Mrs S home and now to bed - 11.00 pm, so G. Night.

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