Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunday 24th May


Wakened up at 7.30, got up at 8.15, dressed and went to breakfast. Egg, bacon and porridge, then read paper. Got down on the bed and had a sleep. Went to dinner, had meat, beans, potatoes and fruit salad and custard. Went to ring up Doris but could not get through. Tried some time later and found phone was out of order, so went to Rolf and asked him to ring up for me, then went back to hit and finished sketch of Avebury and read through gen book. It was raining at times. Read and generally fed up. I saw Rolf. he did not go out but Goldswain got though for me and I spoke to Doris. She was better and had been out to meet me. She was disappointed. I went back to hut, read a borrowed mag and went to supper, pilchards, cocoa. Tea was pork pies and jam. I made up bed and took rounds out of pouches.


Rodwell. Up 8.20, Lyn dressed herself and we went downstairs together. Did potatoes and beds, then wrote to Hilda and to Mother and Dad, messed away the rest of the morning. Sir Charles and Lady M came to dinner but cleared up by 2.45. Went to meet Bill til 4 but no luck. Got Lyn up, got tea and we had ours then went to meet Bill, no luck. Cleared up and read ***, then 7.15 Bill rang up, he's standby so can't be here til Tuesday - what an awfully long time. Read *** Tree, and now to bed might as well, 9.27, feel better but swollen face. G. Night.

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