Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tuesday 19th May


Up at 7 am, went to breakfast, had liver and bacon, All Bran, then on parade and drill marched up to main gate twice. Had break, bought two bottles of ginger beer, then went to Vickers lecture. Had dinner, mutton, greens, potatoes, rice pudding. I was on 7 post so went to ring up Doris but the phone was occupied. Went on guard and went went on first. Came off, had a sleep and a read, then tea which was minced meat and cake and jam. I rang up Doris, she was disappointed that I wasn't coming over. Went on 6 o'clock till 7.30 then went to supper. It was pies and cocoa. I put a pie in pocket to eat later on. I went on 11 post 10 pm and it wasn't too cold. Visited by *** and officer. came off at 12 pm.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about 2.30 then did my ironing. Bill rang up dinner time, he was on 7 post. Got Lyn up and got tea and we had ours then went up the front  drive and down the back one and saw the goats. Cleared up and put Lyn to bed, then read B.G.S. Year Books. Went to bed at 9.00 pm, had a lovely bath and washed my hair. Sat and dried it in the bedroom and started it off on a course of massage and Silvikrin. Miserable day and long too, without Bill - and so to bed 9.45 pm. Bill will be here tomorrow. G. Night.

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