Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wednesday 20th May


12..15 am, had a cup of cocoa and a piece of dry toast, then got down for a rest. Woke up at 10 minutes to four to go on the post. I felt very sleepy but awakened up after a while. The bombing practice was going on. Came off at 6 o'clock. Got right into bed and dozed off. Up at 7.50 and went on at 8 am. It was misty. I read my book. Came off at 9 am and went to breakfast. Had All Bran and sausages, bacon, warm tea. Had a wash and shave and asked Rolf about coupons. He said in June we would be allowed three for 6 handkerchiefs as chits had stopped. On the post at 11 am. Finished book. Came off 11.50, went to dinner, had meat, greens, potatoes, baked pudding. Came off 1.30, dressed, cycled over to Rodwell. Doris was indoors. She had heard from Dad about a place we were excited over. It's 18 acres. We talked about it then got Lyn and Philip up, had tea, watered tomatoes and cut grass round greenhouse. Put Lyn to bed and read to her. It started to rain. We read Corduroy and had supper. It stopped  raining. Back at 11.00 pm.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished by 2.30, Mrs S out so had to stay in because of Philip and not meet Bill. Let Lyn's chanting frock down. Bill came 3.00 pm, told him about letter from home about 'Woodview' Great Hallingbury they had found, 18 acres! Bill and I sat in the garden after getting the children up and discussed it. Got tea, we had ours then messed about in the greenhouse til clearing up time. Put Lyn to bed. Rang Dad, he will ** whether we are to go up or not when he hears from the agents. Bill and I read in the chair, Bill snoozed. Up to the top, stopped raining. Now 10.43 pm so G. Night.

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