Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Friday 13th March


The police called me six o'clock. I signed the book, then I dressed and went up to gun post. Got guns out. Lester was awake. We stood too and then the other chap went to breakfast as he had no supper last night. After then Lester went and I followed on. Made the bed up and went over to ***. it was porridge and kidneys in thick gravy, good, butter and very sweet tea. After then I went back to the hut and had a wash and shave. went back to gun post and cleaned out pits. The guns were cleaned. The wind very cold and hazy clouds overhead. *** time signal just gone. Went to dinner and had meat with minced parsnip and fruit pies and custard. Went back to post and cleaned up buttons and rifle. Packed up kit and got ready to go back, relieved by Reg Thundby. Got back to *** camp and got ready to go out and made bed. Cycled over to Rodwell and Doris was indoors. She had got Philip, Mr and Mrs Smeaton went to Chippenham. I sat in chair very tired. Had tea and went up to Post Office. We walked back slowly. Doris gave me an ounce of tobacco. I was lucky. We got back and Lyn took me to see the lamb. After then we washed up and I got some wood. I finished *** and read the F.S.B and then had supper, discussed sheep and then went back to camp. I got back about 11.15.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Mr and Mrs S went to Chippenham at 12.30, I had Philip. Finished by 2.15 and then did all my ironing before Bill came at 3.40. Got Lyn up and got tea and we had ours 4.30, then went up to the village. Got a certificate. Came back and us three went to see the ewe and first lamb, dear little mottled fellow. Put Lyn to bed, and then washed up 7.50 before we settled. Bill read and I knitted and finished one half of Lyn's skirt. Jill gone to Mary Matthews till Monday! Up to the top gate and now to bed 10.45.

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