Sunday, 25 March 2012

Wednesday 25th March


Up about 9 am, shaved with my new blades, it was a treat to get a good shave. Went down to breakfast and had cheese on toast and porridge. Went down to the Post office with Dad and Lyn. I got a telegram form, then we walked over to the manor grounds and had a walk round. After then we took my watch to Fenners for a new glass. Came back to dinner. Rose came in the afternoon, with Rose her *** to tea. We had a walk round the fields, it was lovely and warm and we sat on a stump and watched the lambs on the fields. We got back to tea and then we got the bagatelle out, I played with Dad and two rubbers. After then we had a rest by the fire. It was very warm. Harold and Rose went to a show and left Ann with us. She was got and stayed up till ten. After then we had supper, cheese and biscuits, then went to bed feeling very tired and contented.


Barnet. Up about 10.00 am. Bill, Dad and Lyn went down the town. I did vegetables, then did my washing and talked with Mother. Put Lyn to bed after dinner. Anne  came at 2 with Harold and Rose at three, little Rosie at 4. Bill and I went over Byng Road fields. Lots of quite big lambs. Mother took Lyn and Anne to meet Jean out of school. Bill and dad played bagatelle, I knitted at Lyn's frock and read. Rose went to pictures where Harold was playing, they went home about ten. To bed now, tired but happy about 11.15. G. Night.

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