Monday, 5 March 2012

Thursday 5th March


Up at 7.30 then cleaned up and shaved. It was snowing hard, a change. Started work on new armoury. Sq. Ld. Deny came in and wanted me to make a model for deflector on the ring and aperture sight, so I went down the hanger and saw Mr Godfry and got two pieces of wood. I then sharpened three chisels and got Doug Bloomfield to help me to cut some Beaver board through. I then cut down a plank for a frame and got Smithy to help me. Also asked if he could help me after dinner. we cut through two pieces, then went to dinner. Had mutton, swedes and potatoes and rice pudding. I had a bottle of lemonade. Came back to hut and sat by fire. Went on with the job. Made some of the joints. Went over and got a cup of tea and two slices of cake. Toasted cake in the hut, then changed and cycled over to Rodwell. Doris had a headache so did not come out. Had tea, Lyn and Jill, Bridgit had been playing at invalids. We saw Lyn in bed. She was happy as the children had been reading to her. Read Farmer's Glory and had a good warm. It was freezing. Had supper. Doris heard  from Barnet.Got back to camp 11.10. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and did beds and dining room, then ironed rest of the morning. Tried to do my own ironing this afternoon but such a bad headache cam on that I only got half done. Snoozed in the chair till 4 - then got Lyn up. Sat in the chair again until tea time. Bill came 5.30, got another little modelling job for the C.O. this time. Sat around the fire till 7 after tea, I put Lyn to bed, then round the fire. I thought and knitted and read, and Bill read. Laid breakfast. Up to the top with Bill.  Black night, snowy. Bed 10.30.

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