Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Friday 20th March


Up at 6.45 on PT and then cleaned up. Had breakfast, bacon and beans and porridge. Started work on models and saw Flt Lt Ball. He asked me if I would measure the sand board off. I cut out some sections and Lewis guns. Went on pay parade, drew £3.0.0 ** ration money. Had dinner, it was corned beef, potatoes and a mince meat roll with custard on. I had two helpings. After dinner I bagged Kelly to help me in the afternoon. He was pleased to do so. I rang up Doris. She had a sore throat and cold. I hope she is better. Started work on Ack Ack guns and tripod. Kelly helped me to get boards. Then I packed up for tea which was tinned meat and a piece of currant cake. After tea we discussed hoarding and the Jews. Polished boots and hat badge. Went on parade quarter to seven for roll call, all correct, and went to supper. It was stew and a piece of cheese. I cam back, mad bed and had a read. After then I went over to the phone and rang up Doris. Her cold and throat wasn't any better but she had arranged about going to Chippenham. I had asked Rolf and he said he would try and get my pass in the morning. I want to catch one of the early trains 12.38 or 1.05. The lamb died just as she was thinking of taking it upstairs. I saw George Daughty's plane. It was nice. I chatted till 9.15 and then had a bath and got into bed. Had a smoke and a read and then lights out and goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Got all the things to boil washed before dinner. Lyn had dinner with us and ate a terrific amount. Finished by 2.30 and washed up till 3.40. Got Lyn up and then Philip (Mrs S had gone to Calne). Took the two to hang it out, then stayed out, knitting while they played in the garden. Got tea, put Lyn to bed then knitted and read. Bill rang up dinner time but we got cut off almost at once, and rang up again this evening. He's all right. It's early but I've got a filthy cold on my chest chiefly, so bed, 10.05 pm.

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