Friday, 23 March 2012

Monday 23rd March


Up about 7 and got into my PT kit. I was the only one and it was bitterly cold. After then I put my pullover on, did some running and got tripped up. Went down with a crash and bruised and took off the skin of my knee and chipped my fingers. I went and washed it and shaved. Went into no. 1 room and but a bandage on it. I went to breakfast, it was eggs and bacon. It looked very nice but I only drank the tea and ate the porridge. I gave my egg and bacon to Jeff Suiter. I was already dressed. They had field craft on and I waited till they were gone, then went to do a little work. mr Ball sent for me and told me he was putting the board in the 12 guard hut and he asked me if I was getting ready to go on leave. He said I could go  now so I got my pass and *** and cycled down to Hillmarton. I was down there about half past ten. I made the bed, packed up some things and helped Doris. We were getting ready and Mr Smeaton brought three lambs in and Kidlet would liked to have stopped. The car came and we were at Chippenham station in no time. I saw Denis White and the other lads there. We got on the train, but no seats so sat in the corridor. J. Doughty came and talked for a little while and the guard found us a seat in first class. we got in to Paddington Station, saw Mum and Dad in the car and went to pick up Ivy. we got home and had tea and sat round the fire. *** was there, we chatted all the evening and felt very pleased it was all night for a week. We went to bed content.


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