Monday, 26 March 2012

Thursday 26th March


Up 9.30, had breakfast, bacon, sausage. Read the paper, played a game of bagatelle with Doris. I won the odd game. After then I was going down the town with Mother but she did not go in the end, so I went down on my own about half past eleven, much to the disgust of Doris who said there wasn't time, but I went down and bought some moth balls, 6 1/2d worth, and some grease-proof cellulose, a small arms manual and a reel of sticking plaster, and Rhino *** for Doris and Lyn's boots. I got back in time for dinner, Shepherd's pie, toast and rice pudding. After dinner I sat in the arm chair and read my book and had a short nap. Then we took Lyn and went for a walk over the fields. It was very cold and windy. I played with Lyn's ball much to her amusement. She did enjoy herself. We got back to tea and then after tea I found a book and had a look in the shop, also watched them building a hen house for Dad. In the evening I played draughts with him. I won 4 and he won three. Packed up at 1/4 to 11 and went to bed as Doris was tired.


Barnet. Up about 10.00 am. Messed away the whole morning with Mother, knitted a little. Bill went down the town. Dad started to make a chicken house in the yard. After dinner, finished my book and Bill slept until 3.30, got Lyn up and took her over Byng Road fields and played Ball with her. Knitted and read all the evening. Finished Lyn's dress and Mother almost finished the knickers. Bill played draughts with Dad. Ivy bathed Lyn and Jean took her to bed. They took her out after tea too. Tired now and bed 10.45pm so Good Night.

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