Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Saturday 7th March


Up at 6.30, went on to gun post. Came off, had breakfast, bacon, beans, porridge, then cleaned up and went back to guard hut. On at 10.25 till 2.25. Had dinner, meat, carrots and pudding with custard. Dismissed, got pass, packed up and went to Rodwell full of beans. met Doris up the drive. We got Lyn up, had tea and went to the Post Office. Lyn took me for a walk. We walked back another way. Lyn pushed the pram. Then we cleared away and washed up. Put Lyn to bed and I read to her. We went down stairs and I read Farmer's Glory and enjoyed it. We had supper and it was nice, baked onions and two cups of cocoa as I did not have to bike back to camp. It was very nice to know I was staying the night. I had a bath. Doris had one too, then to bed. It was very nice to be together again. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Lyn stayed up to dinner then put her to bed and went up to the top gate and met Bill at  3 pm. Sat about and talked etc and got tea and had ours 4.15, then went up to the village. Put 15/- in P.O. for Lyn. Got some marzipan. Washed up and put Lyn to bed and Nursery Rhymes. Sat round the fire and I knitted and Bill read. Supper 9.10 - onions - bath together and now to bed. How lovely to have Bill sleeping with me tonight - oh for this war to end and to have Bill always - it will be perfect. Now 10.45 so Good Night.

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