Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Saturday 14th March


Up at 7.15 and saw Ted Gergal and Arther Tirns was back. I had breakfast and it was nice, a lovely fried egg on fried bread and porridge. Started work on models and pained them. Saw the duty officer, had a smoke during break, then carried on. Also yarned with Bill Gale on various. Had dinner, meat, potatoes and tapioca. Bought a bar of Palmolive soap and rang Doris up. Told her I was having my leave on the 23/3/42 and she was pleased. She asked me to ask for an extension and it would be nice to go home. Turner got 7 day CB for letting a man in and not seeing that he went to the guard room. After dinner, started on Ken *** tank. I got it finished, painted it, and Goody told me he had gone home as an ATS girl had written to his wife and said she had been going out with him. Had tea, brawn, lard cake. Painted and finished tank. Reg Thursly told me WO wanted to see me at armoury on Monday owing to guns being rung over in sockets. Finished tank. Did some reading. Went to supper, salmon. Rang Doris up and she had been getting in the lambs. Had a bottle of ginger beer and listened to news, and 9.15 bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs except that I did a spot of washing for Lyn. Spent all the afternoon outside while Lyn was asleep. Brought two ewes and their lambs into the pens from the field. Got Lyn up, got tea then took Lyn and went to inspect rest of the sheep. One more lamb, another by tea - that's 7 today. Bill rang up dinner time and tonight. We go on leave on the 23rd - cheers. Lovely sunny warm day. Knitted hard at Lyn's skirt all the evening, run out of wool, have to unpick her knickers. Bed now 11..22pm.

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