Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tuesday 24th March


Up about 9.30, had a good breakfast, bacon, porridge and fried potatoes. After then I read both newspapers and went down the town to get some Awbridges two bottles and a bottle of TCP, a tin of boracic ointment, a box of cough sweets and a real of cotton, two 7 o'clock razor blades for Doris and a dozen wardonid blades for myself. I read various books in Smith's book stall and Boots. I came back and was a bit late for dinner. We had roast beef, carrots, potatoes and plum pudding. We arranged to go and see G. Dyer and asked Dad and Mum to go with us. They were pleased to go. It was a lovely day, very warm and a clear sky. After dinner we set out with Lyn in the pram. It was a nice walk and G was feeding pigs. He had a calf and 7 little pigs and some ***. We chatted and watched the cows being milked. After then Mum and Dad with Lyn caught a bus and we took the pram and walked back. My knee was troublesome and had a blister on my heel so I was glad to get back. We had tea, some corned beef pickles and sauce and cake. After tea we sat round the fire and talked. Nettie was here to tea. I played draughts with dad and he won three and I won 1 and a draw. had supper, biscuits and cheese and tea. We listened to news. Doris rang up Major Bell to ask him if it was alright to go down to the lodge. he was very pleased that we would be coming down and then we got ready for bed. We sat in  front of the fire discussing farming and things in general.


Barnet. Up about 10.00 am. Dad took Lyn to the bank. Bill went down the town practically all the morning. I messed about chiefly talking with Mother all the morning. Put Lyn to bed directly after  dinner, got her up at 2.30 and with her and Mother and dad we walked over to Dyers. He's exactly the same. We walked back but M and D and Lyn bussed. Nettie here, we played Rummy. Dad and Bill played draughts. Going to Cedars on Saturday by car for the day, all of us. Talked, bed now about 11.30. It's lovely to be at Barnet again. G. Night.

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