Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Friday 3rd April


On PT and then to breakfast. We had cold bacon, porridge. had too much salt in it. After then we went on parade for new clothes for gas proof clothing. We exchanged our other suit then fitted them on and went on inspection to see how they fitted. Then pay parade.I did not get mine as I had been put down for guard, so will get it tomorrow. After then I went back to work and finished cutting out some more board. I took some in the hanger and the carpenters cut some out for me. Flt L. Ball came and had a look at them. He said they were ok. I had dinner, fish cakes, green peas, potatoes, pudding with syrup. Went on with job till tea time, then went to tea, had meat roll and cake and syrup. Found all NCOs and LAC had at half past five to go on parade for about ten minutes for voice productions. Cycled over to Rodwell. Doris thought I wasn't coming. I read to Lyn, had a good talk and read my books in the kitchen. After then, cycled back to camp.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs - taking a long time! Family went to church 10-11 am. Lyn played in the garden then watched them riding and had a ride on Gypsy too. Not finished til nearly three, Lyn in bed so read til 4, family out. Got Lyn up, got tea then at 5 took Lyn to meet Bill and stayed til 6.15 - no Bill. Got back and he came at 6.45. LACs and NCOs have to do special voice drill. He put Lyn to bed and read while I washed up. Sat in the dining room til dark, then kitchen. Bill read, I knitted. Up to the top and now bed - 10.35 pm.

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